What is it like Breastfeeding a Toddler?

It feels like only yesterday I was latching a beautiful newborn who stayed cradled in my arms and fed and slept and then fed some more. Nursings would take 40ish minutes and we’d snuggle in between, staring at each other, touching, cooing. And just like that we’re 18 months in. How the F did that … Continue reading What is it like Breastfeeding a Toddler?

Carry Them!

Yay for new wraps and getting to play with something different! I’ve been looking for a new wrap for Lu and I that would work for where we are now as our carrying needs have changed. After much searching and deliberating, I found this woven wrap by Yaro which was a cotton and repreve blend. … Continue reading Carry Them!

Post Natal Healing and Feelings

So you've prepared yourself for your baby's birth. You've discussed your plans with friends, made sure your checklists and shopping lists are complete. You've cooked and frozen meals in advance of baby's arrival and you've gone on a crazy cleaning spree around the house...those skirting boards have never looked shinier! You're prepared, right? You have … Continue reading Post Natal Healing and Feelings